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Tsuga | Pisgah Tailgate Pad

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Simplify the journey from road to ride and keep your bike safe and secure with the Pisgah Pad, the innovative and versatile tailgate bike rack designed for mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and eBikes alike.

The Pisgah Pad’s patented, easy-to-use system attaches directly to the bike rather than the tailgate, ensuring a quick and effortless setup and a fully usable tailgate. Enjoy uninterrupted use of your backup camera, extremely compact and safe storage, and reliable protection for your bike and your truck.

Lined with a strip of 60 durometer rubber and foam padding, the Pisgah Pad creates a rigid layer between the bike and the tailgate that not only protects your gear but also protects the pad from compressing or holding memory over time. An exterior layer of GripTech rubber ensures a secure grip on the tailgate, preventing your bike from sliding or vibrating on rough roads.


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