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Simpleshot | Scout X

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The Scout X, the new modern classic slingshot from SimpleShot.

The original Scout XT slingshot was released to the world in 2012 and, since that time, has introduced more folks to the joy of slingshots than any other single slingshot design of the modern era. However, we at SimpleShot can’t stop evolving, and the Scout was ready for its next evolution.

Introducing the Scout X (patent pending), a collaboration between Mark Seljan and SimpleShot. We took years of feedback and spent over 18 months in the development of the Scout X to give you, the dedicated slingshot enthusiast, what you want! Scout X Features:

  • Removable palm swells like the Scout LT
  • Integrated band attachment clips
  • Recessed fasteners
  • Fiber optic sight references
  • More accommodating of pinch grip hold

The Scout X is reminiscent in all the best ways of the original Scout XT and entirely new with its modern styling and integrated functionality. If you are looking for the one slingshot to rule them all, the Scout X just might be the one!

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