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Pisgah Area SORBA | Gift a Membership or Donation

Join Pisgah Area SORBA or Gift an Annual Membership

Joining Pisgah Area SORBA as an IMBA Member includes perks such as:

While our portion of membership dues only cover a small portion of our operating budget, being a chapter of SORBA provides our organization with insurance coverage when working on property such as Richmond Hill, resources for chapter development, and the ability to represent mountain bikers in high level advocacy conversations with state and regional officials. IMBA represents mountain biking at the national and international level and works directly with federal and state officials to ensure mountain bikers continue to have access to trails while also working to expand access for mountain bikers.
Some folks aren’t as interested in the regional and national advocacy and are more motivated to keep their dollars as local as possible. We also provide an opportunity to donate directly to Pisgah Area SORBA, in which case we receive 100% of the donation.

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