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Astral Loyak M/W

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There’s a reason Loyaks are Asheville, NC-based Astral’s best selling shoes. The Loyak is a low volume, high performance shoe providing durability, superlative grip, and supreme comfort on water or land. The self-draining, Flex-Grip™outsole promotes excellent balance and ground feel, while indestructible, canvas uppers with ventilating stretch mesh are securely held to your feet with flat laces that provide a secure, glove-like fit.

  • Lightweight, low profile, and super flexible.
  • Dry fast with Airmesh.
  • Boast superior grip with Astral’s proprietary G Rubber™ and a Level Footbed® and wide toe box, known collectively as Balanced Geometry™ respecting the foot’s natural position.
  • Use less oil during construction, making it continue to meet Astral’s mission for conserving the maximum amount of soil and water during production. – Available in youth, hemp, and an even more breathable option (Loyak AC).

Photo credit: Regina Nicolardi

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