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Asheville Wellness Tours | Tarot Reading (Virtual or In Person)

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Tarot readings are a wonderful way to break through the superficial and cultivate a deeper bond with your friends, family, or coworkers! Often rowdy and always soulful, a tarot reading can spark profound conversations and strengthen vital friendships. Readings can be reserved for nearly anyone: solo seekers, small friend groups, corporate teams, you name it. We can meet you online (wherever in the world you may be) or at a location of your choosing in Asheville, NC!

How a tarot reading works: Your reading will begin with an intention-setting, guided meditation. From there, each participant will enjoy a 10-15 minute personalized reading of the cards whose symbolism and possible messages will be interpreted. The cards anchor us back into larger cycles of growth, provide solace through tough times, and encourage us to stay on our path.

The central question the card is meant to address is, “What is it that I need to focus on at this moment to take the next step towards realizing my heart’s desire?” Readings can, though, focus specifically on any aspect of your life, such as your career or relationships.

During readings — whether it’s a virtual tarot reading or in-person — we turn off our phones, gather in a circle, and take a few, deep breaths to center ourselves. We then give each person a chance to ask a question and receive a reading. There are often a few tears, lots of laughs, and plenty of group discussion.

This event is fun and illuminating, offering everyone a deeper connection to everyday magic.

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