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You’re definitely wondering – What is riverboarding? Imagine ocean bodyboarding meets whitewater, but on a beefier board and with gear made for whitewater. Riverboarding allows you to be IN the water instead of on it and truly feel the current. Riveboarding also boasts a faster learning curve than kayaking as riverboard guests can get in class II and III rapids on their first day following an expert guide after a short lesson on shore and in calm water.

Our founder and owner has 20 years of experience riveboarding and is recognized as the godfather of riverboarding in the southeast with numerous first riverboard descents, high water runs, and competition placements to his credit.

As with any whitewater sport it can be mild or wild depending on the river you select, but riveboarding makes rapids that would be boring in a raft exciting; and after gaining experience the possibility of more advanced rapids becomes a possibility if you wish.

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